Sefirot – Lessons from a Kickstarter rollercoaster

by Georg Hobmeier




Talk Content

In late 2017 a game designer started to tinker around with Tarot cards and solitaire games to get a short break from the digital realms. He called this project Sefirot and ventured out into the shadowy lands at the intersection of board games and divination, where he was joined by the artists Viv Tanner & Eli Baum. With the support of the designer's allied entities gold extra and Causa Creations they hoped to potentially interest a few people in this occult undertaking. In spring 2021 Sefirot exploded on Kickstarter beyond anyone's wildest expectations, making it one of the biggest crowdfunding projects ever to come out of Austria. In this talk the tinkering game designer Georg Hobmeier will analyse some of the factors involved and give potential advice on crowdfunding in general, while also strongly advising to not listen to advice. Ever.