Managing Different Sized Remote Teams On-Line

by Arnold Nesis




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A few years ago, before it was "cool", we decided to develop a game with a remote team. Being a metal band with no game development skills or knowledge, we had to learn the hard way, starting with a small and inexperienced team. Today, some years and many (MANY!) mistakes after "Capricia Productions" is the biggest indie studio in Israel. We are not huge, but also not small - we are 20 people working full-time. We became an actual professional studio where everyone are working remotely and while we are technically "based" in Israel - the way we work didn't change and our actual office is discord. Would love to share what did we learn over the years, what did we do well and where did we screw up and mostly share from our experience what's the right way to work remotely keeping in mind the size of the team and if it's a full-time or part-time team.