Best Practices as a Leader in Game Design powered by SUBOTRON pro games

by Andy Schmoll





Talk Content

This talk explores the importance of hiring and building strong, diverse teams, as well as emphasizing the significance of proper communication within and across teams to develop clear objectives and create unique game experiences. To gain a deeper understanding on how to build and maintain diverse teams, this talk will take a closer look on processes that can help people managers achieve these goals. This will include a deep dive into key aspects of hiring methods and avoiding biases, tools that encourage and support better written and oral communication, and how to foster a sense of ownership and agency. It will also cover basic coaching and managing methods that can help identify and nurture individual strengths, which also develops trust with your teams. Above all, the talk will highlight the importance of leading by example and self-improvement, demonstrating that acting as a role model is a valuable attribute in a leader.


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