Pascal Luban

General Manager @ The Game Design Studio

Pascal Luban is a freelance creative director and game designer based in France. He has been working in the game industry as game or level designer since 1995 and has been commissioned by major studios and publishers including Activision, SCEE, Ubisoft and DICE. In particular he was Lead Level Designer on the “versus” multiplayer versions of both Splinter Cell – Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory, Creative Director on Wanted – Weapons of Fate and lead game designer on Fighters Uncaged, the first combat game on Kinect. The first triple-A title he worked on as game designer was Alone In The Dark – The New Nightmare.

His first game for mobile platforms, The One Hope, was published in 2007 by the Irish publishers Gmedia and has received the Best In Gaming award at the 2009 Digital Media Awards of Dublin.

Leveraging his design experience on console and PC titles, Pascal is also working on mobile and Free-to-Play games. Recent mobile games he has been working on include Wars and Battles, 10-Shot Soccer, Twist & Pop, Fuzzy Critters and Airline Commander.

Pascal is a regular contributor to Gamasutra and gives master classes to both schools and studios throughout Europe.