Alexander Nussbaumer

----- @ TU Graz

Alexander Nussbaumer received a master degree in Telematics and a doctoral degree in Computer Science from Graz University of Technology. After working in industry as software developer (virtual reality and game applications), he joined the Cognitive Science Section of the Department of Psychology at the University of Graz and later he has become member of the (same) Cognitive Science Section of the Knowledge Technologies Institute and the Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science at Graz University of Technology, Austria. In the context of these affiliations he has been participating in several EC-funded projects on game-based learning, technology-enhanced learning, cultural heritage, secure society research, and smart city research. His research focus lies on the conceptual and technical development of computer environments and solutions for cognitive psychology concepts. In particular, this includes digital virtual learning environments, advanced learning concepts, visual and interactive computer interfaces, and computer-supported evaluation of computer applications.