We Are Screwed!




We Are Screwed!┬áis a chaotic couch co-op space action game for 1-4 players. You are the crew of the worst space vessel in the known galaxy, and you must operate, manage, and repair your spaceship on a crazy-hilarious journey to save the multiverse! Grab your friends, sharpen your piloting skills, operate turrets and weird machinery, discover mysteries, and explore the unknown – and try not to screw up! You are destined to boldly go where no one has screwed up before. To failure and beyond!


  • 1-4 player space co-op action
  • Help your friends by dropping into a local multiplayer session at any time
  • Simple controls
  • Control a spaceship and all of its stations
  • Dynamic splitscreen showing inside and outside
  • Beat bosses, and unlock items, upgrades and more!


Team up with up to 3 more friends, unlock a ton of priceless characters and screw up the multiverse – or save it. Either way, you need to work together to survive in this chaotic local multiplayer!