Monster Hunt Vienna


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Monster Hunt Vienna is a digital urban game to discover Vienna using maps, riddles, stories and Google Streetview. In the game, you look for “Monsters” that are actually curious things that we have collected and written stories for. You can either play remotely using Streetview, or on location in Vienna with GPS. Once you find the monsters and answer the riddle, then the story of the Monster becomes available. Our first games were analog Monster Hunts for Vienna in the form of a pack of cards with a city map. We had sold already more than 6000 packs when COVID-19 hit and disabled people from even going outside. That’s when we came up with Streetview concept and made a simple web game for our community. During the lockdown in April 2020, every day we sent them a Monster to find in Vienna, and called it “A Monster A Day.” You can still try it here: Now, we are turning it into a mobile game for people who cannot come to Vienna physically. The game will contain several packs based on different themes, and has a complete new design inspired by Vienna and its stories.