Alaloth – Alberto Belli – Gamera Interactive

Set in a vibrant fantasy world, Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms is an award winning game that offers fast paced action with a deep narrative, developed by a team of industry veterans. The game brings the aRPG dynamics to a new level with skill based gameplay inspired by great classics and modern masterpieces in a gritty, dark, mature environment filled with blood and magic. Alaloth is a beast, a dark god who turned on his pantheon and fell to the mortal realms – there, he lies imprisoned in The Valley of Storms, where the four great kingdoms of man, orc, elf, and dwarf intersect. From the Valley’s heart, he spreads evil throughout the kingdoms, determined to extinguish out any light of hope for the people of the world. Storms, monsters, plagues, strife, and great dragons beset the land – it will require strength and courage to unite the kingdoms and defeat Alaloth in his prison. To achieve the result of living in a very vibrant world, the player will be bound to a reputation system. Players take on the roles of mighty heroes (or villains), undertaking quests, earning reputation, and gaining ancient relics and secrets that will allow them to triumph. You can join noble houses of any race, upholding their history, their banner, and facing their enemies as well. The challenge doesn’t end after the first playthrough – with subsequent playthroughs, new game modes are activated, giving players even more options for exploring the kingdoms and customizing their characters. RPG legend Chris Avellone is assisting the team as Creative Consultant, providing design advice and contributing to the world’s history, lore and companions.

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Click the Pic: Discover Earth – Michael Ruthner – Nonex Games GmbH

Click the Pic – Discover Earth ist ein edukatives Mobile Game für Android und IOS, mit dem man sein Wissen in diversen Kategorien spielerisch testen kann. Kern des Spiels ist, es Bilder mit so wenigen Klicks wie möglich aufzudecken und das gesuchte Wort mit Hilfe vorgegebener Buchstaben zu lösen. Der Spieler wird durch Tools unterstützt, welche ihm auch im Falle der Unwissenheit weiterhelfen.

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