Dietmar Hauser

Self employed programmer @ roborodent e.U.

At the end of 2017, my employer of nearly 11 years, Sproing, finally closed its doors for good. Since the company has been in trouble for over a year, I had a lot of time to plan for contingencies. Courageously and foolishly at the same, I decided to attempt to be a self employed programmer sitting in Vienna, trying to make my living off working on AAA games. This is how I fared so far. Dietmar is a programmer for hire at his one person company, roborodent e.U. in Vienna, Austria He looks back on a long and interesting programming career after more than a decade in the games industry. Before starting his own company, he worked on at least a dozen titles and their framework for coin-op machines at Funworld, gaining a lot of experience at developing games for custom made hardware.