Hacking (in) Games – Protecting your Games and your Gamers

Security is an important aspect in the field of software development – from small mobile applications to large web applications. For an operating system or other crucial applications, security is already part of the design process during development. Still, game developers often do not have security as a main concern, as they do not see games as critical software being targeted. In this talk, we discuss the consequences of neglected security design in games and show that implementing security concepts is not as complicated as it may seem. We show that insecurely implemented games not only allow cheating but can also be used to hurt both game developers and gamers financially. Moreover, we show that bugs in games undermine the security of the platform, often enabling piracy and even exposing the gamer’s system to malicious actors. Thus, security in computer games is an important aspect to protect games as well as gamers and their private data.